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My name is Kayanna Schuh. I live in Sandusky, Ohio, with my dog Sasja. I am what you call a crazy-dog-lady. I’ve known since a young age I took to animals on a high emotional level. My mom tells me stories of how I’d greet people with a bark and that it wouldn’t be a surprise if she found me hanging out with the dog in his crate.

I’ve always wanted my own business, which led me to get a business degree, I just never knew exactly what I would do with that knowledge. Then I met Sasja. Caring for my own dog drove me to learn everything I could about her and how I could be the best dog owner possible. In the last two years I’ve made major changes that have brought me to this point. I started making my own dog treats and dog food. That’s when Sasja Snacks blossomed, I was learning so much I wanted the best for all the other dogs in my life and the ones I came in contact with. I started learning to groom at DogGone Gorgeous Grooming Daycare Boarding in Sandusky, where I continue to expand my love and knowledge for canines. I look forward to sharing it with you.


I am Tom Puliafico, I train dogs at @Heights Canine in Cleveland and have been working with dogs for the past six years. When my mom sought out training for her dog Captain, I saw the dramatic results from his training, and I knew what I wanted to do for a living. (I’ll elaborate on that later). Since then it has been my mission to help dogs and their owners, build a stronger bond and thrive. As different species, I want to create balance in these relationships, and enrich the lives of both. I am always learning and studying all methods and facets of dog training to further my skills. There is still so much I have to learn.

I reside on the bay of Lake Erie in Sandusky, Ohio, with my two dogs, Drax and Snow. Aside from training and other daily dog activities, I really love playing and writing music. Can’t wait to bring you all more!


The Dogs


Hewwo my name is Sasja and I’m a Bernese mountain dog, don’t get it twisted. I may be small but I pack a solid thump at just 3 years old. My mom, Kay runs Sasja Snacks and she tells me I’m the official taste tester, I mean my name is on the business mom. It’s great she gives me treats and lets me romp around WITHOUT A LEASH, it’s the best thing ever; as long as I stay close, I can freely express my rambunctiousness! My mom takes me to work most days where I get to play with all the dogs at DogGone Gorgeous Grooming Daycare Boarding and some days she gets me looking fresh with a groom and a good blow out. I’m excited to share my foods and life with you!


The names Drax, they say I’m a Pit-Mastiff mix because I got a big head but whose to say. One of my dad’s clients found me on the highway where I was drifting like a dog vagabond, taking life day by day, then they introduced me to Tom. He trained me to be the amazing, obedient, proper mandog that I am today. He also started feeding me RAW MEAT it is THE BEST THING EVER! Simply put, I’ll do anything for my meals and look forward to them everyday. I may look tough as nails but I have a heart of gold. I enjoy sight seeing with my nose, sniffing is my forte. I showed my bro Snow the ropes and we’re a pretty good duo now. He is the yin to my yang.


Heyo! I am Snow, the sweetest, whitest pit terrier you’ve ever met. My dad, Tom, rescued me nearly a year ago and I’m so happy to be his and to have an older brother. I wanna tell ya, I have been on a raw meat diet, it’s dog-gone amazing. I’ve never felt better. Being off-leash-trained really lets me live life to the fullest. Also, my favorite game is tug, where I practice turning into a voracious beast then quickly change into a sleepy bear. FYI, my record is 3.7 seconds (to the sleepy bear part). My big bro Drax always has my back, I’d say we’re a pretty cool pack of dudes.


We Are Lake Erie Dogs!



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