Snow’s Face When Mentioning Fasting

The boys and Sasja fast once a week the day after they have a larger meal. Fasting means they just don’t eat for the whole day. 🤭


Fasting your dog once a week has some really great benefits that we believe in.

“If your dog is constantly digesting food, the immune system does not have the time or resources to stay in peak form. Regular fasting can help the immune system detoxify years of toxic build-up and restore normal homeostatic balance.” –Dog’s Naturally Magazine

It’s hard on me, the guilt is REAL, but I feed Sasja so much the day before it helps and she gets lots of her Sasja Snacks the next day too!

Benefits include:

Elevated Macrophage Activity

Increased Immunoglobulin


Increased Neutrophil


Enhanced Natural Killer Cell

Heightened Monocyte Killing

and Bacterial Function

Here’s an article that can explain all of that:


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