Why Are We Doing This?

Dogs have dramatically impacted both of our lives in so many ways. Obviously, we love our dogs and want the best for them, just like every other owner out there. So, We want to open owners’ minds, by educating how to properly domesticate and develop a keener understanding of their dogs’ needs in new ways.

Owners have been directed to buying into the pet food industries poor nutritional standards with the kibble being fed to millions of dogs every day. Which is having an immense impact our dogs’ lifespan and health. When simple changes your dog’s diet to something more species appropriate can have dramatic positive changes on your dog’s well-being.

Many owners are miscommunicating and misunderstanding their best friends. Causing inbalanced relationships and behavioral issues which leads to so many dogs being re-homed, put into shelters or worse. When simple lifestyle changes, proper communication and proper training tools can fix these issues.

We want you to enjoy longevity with your dog through simple changes everyday; to help improve your dog’s health, behavior and relationship with you. We believe through proper diet and lifestyle choices we can change the lives of many. Seeing a dog thrive in health and behavior, seeing how proud an owner can be with their dog, and themselves, is WHY Lake Erie Dogs is here today!


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